123.hp.com/dj2510 Instant HP Deskjet 2510 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/dj2510 is an All-in-One device that can Print, Copy and Scan documents efficiently both on Color and Monochrome. Your DeskJet is designed using the Drop-on-Demand Thermal InkJet Technology for printing borderless photos and brochures. Your printer just requires a pair of Tri-color and Black Ink Cartridges for providing high quality printouts. Your DeskJet can be loaded up to 50 sheets in the Input tray and in return 30 sheets on to the Output tray. Use the membrane press buttons that is integrated on the Control Panel for an easy Copy and Scan operations. You also get a 1.1 inch LCD display on the control panel to know about the print operations. Your HP DeskJet 2510 is programmed to work so discretely that on a simple Press of a Copy preset button you can get copies of Images either Enlarged or Reduced, according to your convenience.


123.hp.com/setup Assistance

  1. Power button: Turns the Printer Power to ON/OFF position
  2. Power Light: A slow flashing light that Infers to a printer error condition
  3. Scan button: Press this button to begin the scanning process
  4. Cancel button: Press on this membrane button to halt the ongoing print task
  5. Fit to Page: Press this button to either enlarge or reduce the document that is kept on the scan glass
  6. Fit to Page Light: A steady glowing light infers to a Fit to Page Copy Setting enabled
  7. Start Copy Black button: Press this button to copy a monochrome page. Repeatedly press this button to get a relative number of copies of your original. Also, use this button to resume the current task
  8. Start Copy Color: Press this button to get a color copy of the original. Repeatedly press this button to get a relative number of images of your original
  9. Attention Light: A steady glowing light infers to a paper jam or no paper on the input tray
  10. LED Display: Indicates on the number of prints, mismatch paper, ink error and ink level

About 123.hp.com/dj2510 Printer Series:

123.hp.com/dj2510 – Auto-Off Printer Mode:

Your 123.hp.com/dj2510 printer by default goes into Auto-Off Mode if kept inactive for over 2 hours time duration. On this mode your printer automatically switches off and thus conserves on the usage of power. The only way to switch ON printer is through pressing the Power button. Nevertheless, your DeskJet is inherently present with another automatic Sleep Mode that is often seen operational when there is no print task engaged for about 5 minutes. DeskJet 2510 Sleep Mode is also used in reducing the overall Power Consumption

Unpack Setup and Installation of 123.hp.com/dj2510 Printer:

  • Primarily, try to remove the DeskJet and its parts from the container box. Place it on a table
  • Get rid of the external packing and tapes found on your device
  • Lift the Scanner lid and then remove the tapes that is affixed on the glass
  • Cut open the tapes to pull down the Output Tray and then rest on the printer
  • Draw out the Cartridge door from its centre to open it. Try to remove the tapes and packing’s that is present within
  • Now unfold the Input Tray and then slide the paper width guide over the Input Tray Cover until reaching to its far left
  • Load the A4 sheets within the Input Tray and then slide the paper width guide accordingly to keep the print media intact
  • Establish a power connection to your DeskJet 2510 and then switch ON power
  • Connect the printer USB cable to a computer that is readily available for operations. Engage the other USB terminal to the printer
  • Open Cartridge door and then install the HP Ink Cartridge. Now latch it using cartridge tab
  • Place the HP DeskJet 2510 series Compact Disk on the CD Drive and then use the Automatic Setup program to successfully install the printer software
  • Your printer is present with an output tray extender for easy handling the printout

123 HP Deskjet 2510 Printer Software Setup Installation

How to Install and open the 123.hp.com/dj2510 Software in Windows OS:

Load the DeskJet 2510 series Installation Disk on to the CD Drive and then wait for the Automatic Setup program to run. Otherwise, you can also manually run the Auto Setup by accessing the CD Drive folder. Now follow on the screen instructions to promptly specify a desired printer name for the DJ 2510. Click Next and then go ahead with the Auto Setup program to successfully install the printer software. Given below is a set of instructions to open the printer software from different Windows OS:

  • Windows 8: Move the cursor to an empty space in the start screen and then right click to select Apps bar. Click All Apps and then scroll and search to open HP DeskJet 2510 program
  • Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows Vista: Press the Start Key and then click the All Programs tab. Move the cursor to select HP folder and then to open 123.hp.com/dj2510

123.hp.com/dj2510 Printer Setup and Installation for MAC OS X:

Load the 123.hp.com/dj2510 series Installation Disk within the CD drive and then wait for the Automatic Setup to run. Also, you can open CD folder and then manually run the Auto Setup. Follow up with the automatic installer instructions to designate a desired name for your DJ 2510. Click Next and progress further with the installer to complete the software setup. Double click 123.hp.com/dj2510 program and then click File menu. On the drop down menu click print to open print dialog. Now choose either Use template or Print Using option. For the first selected option begin to create a printer setup name for your DeskJet software setup. And for the last selected option try to choose the desired HP DeskJet 2510. You can follow on the given below instructions to access the Properties window on different Mac OS:

  • Apple Lion: Click the link termed Show Details available on the print dialog to display an enumerated list of print properties that is integrated on with disclosure triangles button
  • For earlier Macintosh OS: You get the print properties individually available on a Popup menu that is present on the print dialog.

123.hp.com/setup 2510 series Driver Installation Process

123 HP Deskjet 2510 USB Network Connection

Install the USB Connection using HP Printer 2510 Software in Windows:

Click the Start menu button and then click All Programs. Now move the cursor over HP DeskJet 2510 and then double click to open it. Click Utilities menu  to select Printer Setup & Software options. Click Connect a New Printer and then follow the on screen instructions to choose USB Connect. Click Next button and proceed further to finish the USB Installation.

Install USB Network using HP Utility in Mac OS:

On the Macintosh startup try to open HP Utility program. Click Print, Scan & Copy menu and then click the option Connect New Printer. Follow the onscreen instructions to promptly select USB Connection. Click Next and proceed with the onscreen instructions to end the USB Installation. Once Installed the Driver software then it become easier for you to detect or plug-and-play printer using USB connection the next time.

123.hp.com/setup 2510 InkJet Cartridge Installation

123 HP DESKJET 2510 InkJet Cartridge Installation

HP DeskJet 2510 Print Head system requires a pair of HP Tri-color and Black Ink Cartridges for Copying borderless Photos and Images. You can avail the Ink Advantage and then go on printing for a longer time until refilling Ink Cartridges becomes mandatory. Avoid installing a jarred or dropped Ink Cartridges on your printer to stay away from Ink Smears. HP DeskJet 2510 is a printer that is best suited for printing color photos at high quality.

Replace 123 HP DeskJet 2510 InkJet Cartridges

Switch Off the power connection from DJ 2510 and then Draw out the Cartridge door from its center to open it. Check for the print carriage to remain idle and then locate the cartridge tab to unlatch it. Press down the empty Ink Cartridge to disengage it from the cartridge slot. Ensure that your Ink Cartridge is free of plastic tapes and covers to keep them ready for installation. Slide the HP Ink Cartridge inside the slot until it locks to a place. Push down the Cartridge tab to latch Ink Cartridge. You can repeat the above procedures to install any further Ink Cartridges. Now Push the Cartridge door from its center to close it. Switch On the power for 123.hp.com/dj2510.

Use 123 HP DeskJet 2510 Printer in Single Cartridge Mode

Your 123.hp.com/dj2510 is capable of operating on a Single Cartridge Mode whenever one of the installed Ink Cartridges becomes empty or drained. This Mode can be easily identified through a single Ink cartridge that gets illuminate on the LED display. You must use 123.hp.com/dj2510 Software to print a document while using the printer on a single Ink Cartridge. Completely install all Ink Cartridges to automatically exit from the Single Cartridge Mode.

123.hp.com/dj2510 Scan to a Computer

123.hp.com/dj2510 is present with a Scan feature for copying borderless photos and documents. Make sure to Place the originals at the front rightmost corner on the glass. Your DeskJet scanner can be optimized when operated through HP Scan software. Open the Scan software and then click the Print, Scan & Copy title menu. Select the Scan command button to open the Scan dialog. You can choose either Document or Photo and then click the Scan button to begin the Scanning process.

123 HP Deskjet 2510 Printer Troubleshooting

To clear paper jam from the Input Tray:

First of all, try to press the Cancel button to halt the current print task. Next access the Paper path cover and then check for any paper jam to be removed. Also, look out for paper jams present on the Input tray to clear it. Now press the Start Copy Black button to continue printing. The next step in clearing paper jams is, Locate the Output Tray area and then check for any paper jam to be manually removed. Press Start Copy Black to go ahead with the print task. If paper jam issue exists, then draw out the cartridge door and then move the print carriage head from its center towards the far right on the print carriage. Check for any paper jam to be removed. Now retrace the print head to move it until reaching the far left. Try to clear all paper jams and then continue printing. The next step in clearing paper jam is, first fold the Input Tray and then push up the Output tray to latch it to the printer. Now turn the DeskJet all over to access the Cleanout door. Press the set of tabs outward to open the Cleanout door and then try to find out for any paper jam to be removed. Close the Cleanout door and then push the tabs towards your printer to latch it. You can now place the printer on its previous setup position. Unfold the Input tray and load A4 sheets. Push down the Output tray to begin printing.

Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge Issue:

Pull the Cartridge access door to open and then check for the print head carriage to remain idle. Pull up the cartridge tabs to unlatch your Ink Cartridges. Press the Ink Cartridge down to remove it. Make use of a swab to clean the imprinted electrical contact on Ink Cartridges. Also, ensure to clean the cartridge slot that exists with the electrical contact. Examine the Ink Cartridge for any presence of plastic tapes to be removed thoroughly. You can Re-install the Ink Cartridge within the cartridge slot and then press down the tabs to latch it. Now push upward to close the cartridge access door. Press the Start Copy Black button to continue printing. For any further cartridge issues to be resolved, then try to Restart your 123.hp.com/dj2510.

Unexpectedly Printer shuts down:

Make sure that you get uninterrupted incoming power for your printer. Next, check for the manual operations of the power ON/OFF button. Also, try to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and then wait idle for 15 seconds. To troubleshoot further, Check for any presence of physical damage on the power cord. Now try to re-establish the power connection to your printer and then begin print operations.

For further support visit 123.hp.com/setup

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