123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/dj5810 is a generalized Printer that is capable of print untiringly using the transparent Ink Tank system. You can use the All-in-One to Print, Scan & Copy documents using the drop-on-demand Thermal InkJet Print Head Technology, to get the right colors and fonts printed. Often your DeskJet is utilized for printing Photos and Documents in high volume. Your printer comes along with an Input Tray that can handle 60 sheets and in return an Output Tray that permits you to handle 25 sheets. HP DeskJet GT 5810 is built along with a reservoir of Ink Tanks System that can be refilled infinite times until your print head gets damaged. Now you can print more borderless photos, brochures and flyers that are lot more durable and get the Ink Advantage. Use the press buttons available on the control panel to operate your printer effortlessly.

Description of the 123.hp.com/dj5810 Control Panel


  1. LED Control Panel Display: is a LED indicator that infers on the print head priming status, Number of Copy, Paper Jam issues and print head issues
  2. Cancel button: Press on this button to stop the current print task
  3. Resume button: Press on this button to purge out the disrupt task and then continue Printing
  4. Resume Light: A steady light indicates that your DeskJet is in a error or warning state
  5. Start Copy Colour button: Press on this button to initiate the Colour Copy Task. Repeatedly press on this button to instruct the Colour Copy Task on the number of prints
  6. Start Copy Black button: Hit this button to begin your Copy Black & White Task. Repeatedly press on this membrane button to get a relative no of the Copy Black & White Task printed
  7. Power button: Turns the Power for your Printer to ON/OFF position
  8. Print head Alert Light: An blinking LED light infers to the print heads issue

About 123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer Series:

123.hp.com/dj5810 – Auto-Off Printer Mode:

Your DeskJet printer is built with an Auto-Off Mode for conserving on the power usage. This mode is found to be operational only when your DeskJet is not having a network connection or is in a dormant condition for more than 2 hours time duration. Use the Power button switch wisely to turn on the printer, and is the only method to exit Auto-Off DeskJet Mode. Your printer is also found to be operational on Sleep Mode and thus conserve on the power usage. Sleep Mode is seen effectual on your printer only if no print operation is performed for over 5 minutes.

Unpack Setup and Installation of 123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer:

  • Firstly try unpacking the printer & its accessories from the shipment. Now set it up on a table
  • Remove the tapes and external packing wrapped on your printer
  • Lift the Scanner lid to open and then peel off all tapes affixed on the glass
  • Draw out from the lateral sides of the Front door to rest it on DeskJet. Remove all tapes and then the packing’s found internally
  • Draw out from the center of the Print head door to open it. Get rid the stickers
  • Now extend the Input tray and then move the paper guide over the Input tray shield towards the far left corner. You can now load the A4 sheet and then retrace the paper guide relatively to hold the sheets firmly
  • Connect power cable to printer and then to wall outlet. Switch the power to ON
  • Use a Network computer that is present on a standby mode to connect one end of the USB cable and then the other end to be linked to DeskJet
  • Open the internal Print Head access door and then install the HP Print Head and latch it
  • Open the external Compact Disk drive and then place the DeskJet GT 5810 series Installation Disk and close it. Run the Automatic Setup program to automatically install the printer software
  • Use the Output Tray extension for your convenience

123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer Software Setup

How to Install and open the 123.hp.com/dj5810 Software in Windows OS:

Open the Compact Disk drive and then load the DeskJet 5810 series CD to close it. Now open the CD driver index and then double click to open the Auto Setup. Follow the onscreen instruction to specify a name for your printer. Click Next and then follow with the instructions set to end the printer software setup. You can follow on the given below guideline to open the HP DeskJet 5810 software installed on different Windows Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10: Click the Start Menu to select All Apps tab. Scroll through the list and select HP Index. Click HP DeskJet 5810 software to open
  • Windows 8.1: Use the cursor to highlight Show Desktop button available on the rightmost corner on the start screen space. Click it to view the desktop programs. Double click the 123.hp.com/dj5810 software available on the desktop screen
  • Windows 8: Right click on the start screen to enable the Apps bar. Now select All Apps and then Double click the 123.hp.com/dj5810 to open it
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP: Click Start Menu and then select All Programs tab. Click HP tab and then double click HP DeskJet 5810 software to open

123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer Setup and Installation for MAC OS X:

Open the Compact Disk drive and then load the DeskJet 5810 series Installation Disk and close it. Wait for the Auto Setup to run or try to run it manually. Follow the on screen instruction to specify a printer name for your HP 5810 printer. Click Next and follow the instructions set to finish the software setup. Open the HP DeskJet 5810 software program and then click on File menu. Select Print command to open the print dialog. Try to select Print Using or Use template option over the print dialog window. For the first option chosen ensure to assign the HP DeskJet GT 5810. For the second option chosen try to click the button termed Properties. You can now follow on the given below guideline to adjust the print properties on different Macintosh OS:

  • Apple 10.6: Your print dialog is built on a numerous list of blue disclosure triangle that constitutes to all print properties
  • Apple Lion & Mountain Lion: Your print dialog is presented with a link called Show Details. Click this link to display on the list of print properties that exists with disclosure triangles
  • Other Mac Versions: Your print dialog is made on a Popup Menu design that can be accessed individually to select each property. You can alter values for the Page Size, Scaling Percentage and Orientation etcetera

123.hp.com/setup 5810 series Driver Installation

Install 123.hp.com/dj5810 series Web Services using HP Printer Software in Windows OS:

Install the USB Network using Printer Software in Windows:

Click Start menu button and then open the HP DeskJet 5810 software program. Click the Utilities menu bar and then move the cursor to Printer Setup & Software settings. Click Connect New Printer options and then follow the onscreen instructions to promptly select the USB connect. Click Next and continue further to end the USB Network installation

Install 123.hp.com/dj5810 series Web Services using HP Utility in Mac OS X:

Open the HP Utility software program that is available on the Mac Start screen. Click the Print, Copy & Scan drop down menu and then select Connect a New Printer tab. Now follow up with the screen instructions and promptly select the USB connect. Click Next and progress further to finish the USB Network connection.

123 HP DESKJET 5810 Print Head Installation

HP DeskJet GT 5810 comes with an Ink Tank System that can store a reservoir of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Inks for printing inexpensive photos, brochures, and flyers. Your printer entails you to install a pair of Print Heads namely Tri-color and Black Heads. Now you can easily refill the Ink Tank System through a spill-free Ink bottle that comes in all 4 types of colors for gaining the Ink Advantage printing.

Replace 123 HP DeskJet 5810 Print Heads

Press the power button on the control panel to switch OFF power from the Printer. Enclose the Output Tray within the printer and then open the Ink Valve present on the Ink Tank System. Draw out from the lateral sides of your Front door to open and then rest it on printer. Pull the center of the Print head access door downward to open. Ensure that the Print Carriage is silent and then check for the Print Head to rest at the center. Now unlatch the print head tab and then press down the drained out Print Head to remove it. Open the new HP Print Head from its packing and then remove the plastic tapes and caps affixed. Slide the Print Head within the respective slot until it sounds clicks to install. Now push the blue print head to latch down to lock it. Push from the center of the Print head access door to close it. Also, push the Front Door upward to latch it to your printer. Extend the Output Tray and then Press the power button to switch ON power for your DJ 5810.

123 HP DESKJET 5810 Scan to a Computer

123.hp.com/dj5810 Scan feature can be used advantageously when operated using the HP Scan software. Now you can scan enlarged images at high resolution and then save the document according to your needs. Ensure to Load the originals on the scanner glass at the front rightmost corner inside the engraved lines. Open the printer software and then click Print, Copy & Scan menu. Click Scan to open the scan dialog window. Now select either a Photo or Document option and then click the Scan button to set off the Scan process.

123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer Troubleshooting
To clear paper jam from the Input Tray:

Primarily, try to turn the ink valve to Off position in order to avoid ink leakage. Press the Cancel button to stop the ongoing print job. Turn power OFF from DeskJet and then access the paper path shield for any paper jam presence. Try to remove torn pieces of papers and paper jams on the Input Tray. Press the Resume membrane button to continue with the current print task. Next, try to access the Output Tray and then check for any paper jam presence to be removed manually. You may now try to go ahead with the current print task. The next further step in removing paper jams is, open the Print Head access door and then examine the print carriage to remain silent. Slide the Print Head to the far right on the carriage bar and then check for any paper jams to be removed. Retrace and move the Print Head towards the far left to find for the paper jamming. You may now close the Print Head access door and then switch ON the power. Also, try to turn the Ink Valve to On position.

For further support visit 123.hp.com/setup

Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge Issue:

Open the Print Head access door and then wait for the print carriage to remain silent. Open up the blue print head latch and then press down the Print Head to detach it from the print head slot. Clean the electrical contact present on the print head using a swab. Also, try to access the imprinted electric contact available on the print head slot to clean it using a swab. Ensure that there is not plastic tape or caps affixed on the print head. You can now Re-install the print head within the print head slot and then press down the blue print head latch to lock it. Press the Resume button to continue with the ongoing printing task. For more print head issues, you can restart the All-in-One printer.

Unexpectedly Printer shuts down:

First of all, try to ensure that you get an incoming power that is uninterrupted. Also, check for the efficiency of the power switch operations. If a shutdown problem exists, then try disconnecting the power cord from the power source and then wait for about 15 seconds. Meanwhile, inspect the power cord for any damage caused. You can now connect the power cord to the power outlet and then try using the printer.