Envy 4510 Troubleshooting

The HP printers driver has to be installed properly for Mac from the HP website for guided setup for your printer for Wi-Fi or wired network connection. If the printer is not found during the installation or present on the home network, then follow the given steps below.

Step 1: Restart devices.

In this step all devices such as computer, printer, and router has to be restarted. To restart the devices, the devices have to be switched OFF and then switched ON .For the computer and the printer this procedure can be carried out using the power button.

In the case of modem it can either be switched OFF and turned ON or check for the manufacturers instruction below the modem .after restarting the devices check for the printer on the network. If the printer is found on the network the problem I resolved otherwise proceed with the steps.

Step 2: verify the connection status between network and the printer.

Check the network is properly working and the status of printer is read for network setup

  1. For wireless router, check its manufacturers documentation or support site for making it meet the required following
  • Verify router band: There are different router band. Router can operate in both 2.4ghz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands .In the case of printers not all HP printers work on both the bands select 2.4ghz on the modem for frequency band and connect the printer to that particular band.
  • Bonjour support: Routers that support bonjour are always recommended by HP. Bonjour is a apple discovery software. Connecting to bonjour is the premium way to find the printer for supporting wireless printing.
  1. Verify whether your printer is connected to the guest network or host network that allow guest logins
  2. Verify whether the printer is ready for network setup
  • Wireless Network Connection: On the printer go to the wireless network in the settings menu to verify whether the wireless signal is enabled and turned on. Also check whether the light on wireless icon on the printer is blinking or steady.
  • Wired network connection: Check for the cable connection between the Ethernet port of the router and the HP Envy 4510 printer .the green light on the Ethernet port should be steady. While connecting the cable blinking orange light appears.
  1. Check for the network connections on the Mac by clicking the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar to see to which network the Mac has been connected. Make sure it is connected to the same network on which the printer is connected.
  2. Before installing your HP envy 4510 printer software disconnect from any other virtual private network(VPN)
  3. Try installing the software again and check for the printer on the network. If the issue resolved stop, if not proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Manually connect the Printer to the desired network (wireless connection only).