The HP printer app sometimes go through different issues such as error message displays(problem connecting to server),app launching slowly, crashing and so on. For troubleshooting these issues the following solutions will be helpful.

 For error message display ”problem connecting to server” – Envy 4520

This error message is displayed due to the following reasons.

  1. Temporary unavailability of HP web services.
  2. Printer not connected to a network which has an active internet connection.
  3. The printer needs firmware update.

The steps below help troubleshooting the hp printer app for the above stated issues.

Step1:closing and reopening of your printer application.

After closing and reopening of the printer app, try the printer application. If the issue exists follow the next steps.

Step 2: Try using your printer application later .

Due to the temporary unavailability of hp web services this issue may persist . Try using after a while .

Step 3: Check whether the printer is connected to a wireless network.

Go to the wireless settings on the printer control panel and verify that the wirelesssignal is turned ON. Also check the wireless icon on the printer is blinking steadily.

Step 4: Look for the issues due to your wireless network

  1. Restart computer and the printer
  2. Verify network name/identity and the printer connected to the same network.
  3. Keep the router and the printer closer.
  4. Try connecting the printer to the network manually.
  5. Try restarting the modem . Also verify the modem/router band settings.
  6. Check proper fireware for the printer
  7. Set a IP address to the printer

After performing the above instructions ,try your HP printer application. If the issue persists  continue with the next steps.

Step 5: Try updating the printer firmware .

On the printer control panel find and install your firmware update.

  1. Go to HP eprintàsetupàproduct update or check product update.
  2. If the product update is available accept the terms of service and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully update printer firmware. Also check for printer firmware update on HP site.

For HP printer application launching slowly and crashing

This problem rises because of the below stated reasons

  • Temporary unavailability of HP web services.
  • Some problem with your internet service provider

Step 1: Close and reopen your HP printer application.

Step 2: Try using the HP printer app later.

Step 3: Remove the printer app and then re-add the HP printer app.

Step 4: Turn the HP web services OFF and again turn it ON.

Step 5: Verify the network ports.

Step 6: look for the issues on your wireless network.

Step 7: Try updating the router firmware .


HP printable and HP printables application for mobile retired on October 2016.this application icon was alone removed automatically from the printer settings .All scheduled printables have been stopped printing.

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