Envy 5530 windows network setup troubleshooting

The full feature HP printer driver has to be installed from the software CD or from the website for a wireless or wired network connection. During the installation process, if the installer does not detect the printer then the below stated issue may be one of the following errors displayed .

  • Printer not found
  • No devices found
  • Printer not found on the network.

The steps help to troubleshoot this issue.

Step 1: Restart all the devices.

Restart your computer , HP Envy 5530 printer and the wireless router.

Step 2:  Verify the connection status between network and the printer.

Check the network is properly working and the status of printer is read for network setup

Step 3: Try manually connecting the printer to the network.

Step 4: Run HP print and Scan doctor.

HP provides with a diagnosing free tool called HP print and scan doctor for solving printing and scanning problems. Download HP print and scan doctor from the HP website and install it.

  • After opening the HP print and Scan Doctor tools click start.
  • If the printer is not seen in the lists verify whether the printer is in ON state and the connections are proper. Click next after selecting the printer.
  • If connection problem persists, follow the on-screen instructions and click retry.

Step 5: Disable firewall on the computer temporarily

Step 6: Uninstall the printer driver software and reinstall it.

The un-installation of HP printer driver from the computer has to be done from the “Programs and feature “menu on the control panel. After un-installation process reinstall the correct printer driver again.