How to do Wi-Fi Setup on HP 2540 Printer?


HP is one of the market’s most renowned brands that support users in many respects. Many products are produced by HP, and printers are one of these products. HP’s printers are very special, as they assist consumers by producing quality prints for all sorts of paper sizes and colors. There are a range of printers on the market, including HP 2540. It is very important that the user knows the steps to HP 2540 Printer Wi-Fi Setup before using the printer. Many sites provide these methods, but it is very important for you to visit a website that offers genuine configuration steps and that will also support you in every phase of the process.

In order to assist users in this process, we have enriched this blog with some of the best steps to help you configure HP 2540 Wi-Fi Printer. The steps given are very easy to follow and guarantee solutions to the users’ problems. In this blog, we’d first acknowledge you with the essential elements required for setup and then start the installation process. We ask you to make sure the printer is secure by carefully unpacking it. HP 2540 is a delicate product that can produce multiple prints and all prints conform to the user’s desired quality. We also assist the users in the steps and you can visit our website and submit questions when you follow the steps for 123 HP com 2540 Printer Setup. We’d respond to them very soon.

Preparations for HP 2540 Printer Wi-Fi Setup

  • To prepare the device, the router should be switched on and the printer must be unpacked. Make sure the printer attachments are available and that the connecting cable is in good condition.
  • Connect the device to the wireless network and make sure the internet speed doesn’t fluctuate to allow software downloads and updates to be downloaded uninterrupted.
  • You must also ensure that the device is wired to the same wireless network as the printer.
  • Load the printer paper tray and mount the toner cartridges.
  • Switch on the printer and position it for instant communication in the range of the router.

The process to Setup HP 2540 Wi-Fi Printer

  1. You need to start the process by visiting the official website and download the drivers for the printer.
  2. When you start downloading the drivers, on your computer a connecting window will open. You must stop at this stage and you must not start clicking.
    • Now you will reset the printer to default wireless settings.
    • To do this, you must make sure the printer is on.
  1. Check if the wireless is blinking. If you do, you can follow the steps.
  2. Click now and keep down the Control Button.
  3. You have to push the Start Copy Black button twice while holding on to the power button and then the Cancel button three times.
  4. The power button can now be released. Look at wireless light blinking or not near the wireless click. Otherwise, repeat the steps.
    • Now follow the steps for app installation.
    • Tap on the HP Setup Connect window to continue.
  1. Follow the instructions on the screen carefully and wait until the Link Options page is opened.
  2. Pick the Wireless option when the link options screen opens. After that, click on Next.
  3. You now have to connect the printer to your device through a USB cable. However, pick HP Auto Wireless
  4. Connect first, then connect the device then printer via a USB cable.

Follow the on-screen instructions and successfully complete the installation of your 123 HP com 2540 Printer Wi-Fi Setup.