How to Setup HP Printer Wi-Fi in M126NW?

HP is one of the market’s biggest brands providing some of the finest facilities for the use of ordinary citizens. They are referred to as products and HP offers its users various items that are very special, supporting users at every point of their daily routine. M126NW is one of the printers provided by this company and to use this device properly, you need to learn how to mount HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer.

To set up the printer, the user has to learn how to execute the HP Printer M126NW Wi-Fi Setup in the right steps. In this blog, we have given you a few steps to support you in the process and to provide simple guidance. To make the HP M126NW Wi-Fi printer easy to set up, follow the steps very carefully.

First, we talked about the steps to unpack and the connection of the printer, and then we went on to the steps for the driver setup of the printer.

Step to Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer

  • Please use plastic tapes and press materials plied over the printer. Please use plastic tapes and pressing materials.
  • Lower the yield plate to get into the printer and the ink cartridge hits the entrance.
  • After all the plastic materials have been expelled into the printer, the ink cartridge must enter the entrance.
  • Take out the power line provided by the producer during the shipping season.
  • Associate the one end with the end of the printer and the other with the power supply. In these lines, press the power symbol to operate the printer.
  • Keep the handle and lower the ink cartridge to insert the ink cartridge. Continue until the carriage moves and stays in a position. I placed the ink cartridge in the opening after unloading.
  • Test if it is properly positioned in the opening. If not, the printer neglects to perceive the ink cartouche, which in the later period leads to an ink cartouche problem.
  • Using a common technique to insert each cartridge.
  • Test the ideal size of the paper and type of paper. Actually placed enough paper on the stacking tray. Tap the entire stack at first glance to make it even.
  • Bring the yield plate down along these lines and pull out the yield plate extender.
  • Follow the instructions to change the ink cartridges after placing the paper on the tray. This is achieved with the intention of producing better results from your printer. Following the paper support, the printer starts to print the arrangement page.
  • Now open the scanner cover, retain the arrangement page on the scanner glass and look down and close the printed sheet. Snap Start Copy Black or Color Start Copy. Continue until the printer changes the cartridge of the ink.
  • Upon completion, add the document and start working with your printer.
  • Upon completion of these steps, you can proceed to the next stage, i.e. install the drivers for a successful HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer setup.

Driver Installation for HP Printer M126NW Wi-Fi

  • Concerning the driver setup, you need the new software installed on the windows machine to get results from your printer. Check the instructions below and do the appropriate things.
  • You may continue with the existing protocol using an institutional CD in the absence of chance. If not, you have the option of getting it installed by downloading it from the website on your Windows PC.
  • By setting Windows to refresh, you will learn the driver’s frequently available notifications.
  • To do this, go to Windows and check for the alternative gadget configuration. Tap it and the Yes alternative is sought.
  • Tap Save changes, pick an association type from the good types for your printer. It can be either USB, wireless, or wired.
  • Whatever the form of association, the high and continuous quality of the flag is required. When the connection is made, use the Add Printer Wizard option to implement the printer driver.For further support visit