How to Setup Wi-Fi on HP DeskJet 2542 Printer?


HP is one of the market’s best brands that deliver some of the best items for the use of ordinary citizens. All HP products are really special and also provide the best solutions for people’s jobs. The HP DeskJet 2542 all-in-one Wi-Fi Printer is one such device and provides users with proper support thanks to its unique features. It is very important for users to be familiar with the process of HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup to allow maximum use of this device.

In order to support consumers, we have taken the easiest steps to provide assured solutions to issues relating to HP DeskJet 2542 Configured Wi-Fi Printer. There are various methods for setting up HP DeskJet 2542, but the most user-friendly way is recommended not only to support the user quickly but also to keep the system safe and stable.

We have received some really eloquent measures to support you and also to install HP DeskJet 2542 All-in-one Wi-Fi Printer. Follow the measures carefully and easily achieve the desired results.

Steps for HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup

  • You need to ensure some stuff to continue with the 123 HP DeskJet 2542 Setup.
  • You should have a continuous internet connection where the Internet speed is high.
  • All downloads must be made through a laptop or Computer internet connection so that the download does not fail.
  • You must ensure the connection between the device, wireless modem, and the printer is verified.
  • Sets up the printer, loads the paper into the input tray and the toner cartridges are mounted.
  • Finally, turn on the printer and place it in the router range in order to begin the setup process.
  • To start the installation, go to HP’s official website and press Open. It starts automatically when you click on the file.
  • Once you start to install HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup, you are led to a link window. You must stop at the connecting window and do not start clicking at this stage.
  • Now the original wireless settings on the printer must be restored.
  • You must make sure the printer is on.
  • Then press and hold down the power button.
  • When pressing the power button, double-click the start black button and three-times the cancel button.
  • Now the power button can be released. You are going to blink the wireless light next to the wireless button.
  • As you did, you can start installing the HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup program in the next step.
  • In the following steps, you will install the app.
  • On the Link HP installation tab, you can now press Continue.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen before the screen of connection options opens.
  • Now, you need to pick Wireless to connect to the printer in the next window. Select Next now.
  • Search now for the HP Auto Wireless Connect option. Then press Yes, then Next. Press No.
  • You will now attach a USB cable to the printer from your device and click Next.
  • Then follow the instructions on the phone.

Therefore, you can successfully do the HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup by following these steps. To learn more about our goods, visit our website and read our blogs daily.