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https devices dj2130 Wireless Setup

Make sure you have a vibrant network link and HP before using HP ePrint. H.P. allowed ePrint. Printer. Printer.

  1. Turn ON the Printer Control Board Web Services.
  2. Switch on online services through Network Victimization or Wireless Deployment.
  3. After the above steps, a contour of the internet connection will be seen. To induce printing from the information tab, click on Print Information.
  4. The printed information page includes the claim code or e-mail address of the printer. Example of the Printer claim code: the printer’s email address is the claim code combined with Example: 2002ykw67afeq Download the H.P. Upon completion of these measures. On your Android or iPhone ePrint app from the app store.
  5. Open the window, pick the document you want to print. Type your H.P. when asked. Envy the email address of the printer.
  6. To give the document to H.P, click OK. Service ePrint server. Your work in print is printed from the H.P. E-all-in-one Deskjet printer.

www 123 hp com dj2130 Wireless System DeskJet 2130

  • Link your computer or laptop and HP Deskjet printer to a compatible wireless network (Wi-Fi) to begin printing with your HP Deskjet 2130 e-all-in-one printer.
  • Please note the name of the wireless network, SSID and WEP key or WPA security.
  • Switch on your wireless internet router, HP printer, laptop, or laptop.
  • Disconnect from the printer any USB or Ethernet cable.
  • Press and keep the Wireless icon in the control board of the printer.
  • Go to the Wireless Configuration Wizard on the settings tab and click OK. The Wizard shows lists of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Pick your Wi-Fi network on the list and click OK. If there is no listing of the names of your wireless network, enter your SSID and WEP or WPA password that you have mentioned in the first level.
  • The printer is linked to your wireless network after the higher stage is complete.
  • Download and update the latest edition of the full-featured driver software program for your HP Deskjet printer from http 123 hp com dj2130.

123 HP Deskjet 2130 Windows 10

Pilot HP Deskjet Printer Windows 10 helps. You can install HP printer drivers on the Windows 10 laptop or laptop computer from

Follow the steps below to download and install the HP Deskjet Windows 10 driver

  1. Go to and, if needed, type your printer model (Deskjet 2130).
  2. Confirm from the list of printers your printer model and press Start.
  3. Click on the transfer button to access the Windows 10 printer driver software Deskjet.
  4. You must save the driver file to your laptop.
  5. Double-click the driver installation file that is downloaded and follows on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation.

Activate the WPS button mode in your printer For HP Deskjet 2130

To find out how this can be accomplished, review the printer manual, as it can vary from model to model.
Push the WPS button on the router. It needs to be finished in 2 minutes when the WPS function on the printer is disabled.

  • Press the Setup button and pick the Network menu option on the control board of the printer.
  • Choose the name of your wireless network from the list or manually add the name of the network.
  • Enter your name. Enter your email. Case-sensitive is effective recognition.
  • Your printer ought to be ready by now. If not, print a copy of the report for the wireless network.
  • And you’re ready to face the trouble.

Connect HP Deskjet 2130 Using USB

  • This technique is not lightly screened but is used by printers.
  • If that may be the primary installation period for the printer driver, a network printer may not be realized in the software kit.
  • You will form a wireless printer association.
  • Your printer must be linked easily to your PC using a USB cable. Attach the USB cable only if you are told to do so by the program device.
  • Your machine and your printer will be on the same network.
  • Now in your Wizard style association, select USB because you are the most famous member.
  • Then click on “Yes, submit the printer with my wireless settings.”
  • The operating program will discover your wireless settings mechanically. Your HP Deskjet 2130 printer is currently ready.

To your Windows Link your printer with the same network as your computer through Ethernet / Wi-Fi / USB Test whether your windows pc is connected to the Web.

  • Link the printer to your Windows PC.
  • If connected to the HP Deskjet 2130 printer driver, you can install HP Deskjet 2130 printer driver on the CD that comes with it if it is not connected to the Internet.
  • Online support is also available with the HP printer.


Make sure that your printer is configured as your regular printer: Windows 8.1 and Windows 8-point up to the right of the screen to open the Charms button. Tap the Preferences button, tap on the control board, and then press on reading and printer tools.

  • Select Tools and Printers for the Windows 7 launch menu.
  • Select Start, then Control Panel on the Windows Task Bar, and then press Printer to open Windows.
  • Click start, control panel, and then press Printers and Faxes on the Windows taskbar.
  • Make sure your printer has a control mark in the next circle. This means that the main printer is this.
  • When you do not have your HP printer as the printer, right-click on the printer icon and choose the Standard Printer in the window.
  • Often there may be a problem that HP Printer does not print after Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Using HP Print and Scan Doctor to test for printing problems and firewall problems.
  • Make sure that the Print Service works.
  • Check the printer status if the main printer is the printer. If not, make it.
  • Uninstall the hp driver and software if there is a problem.

Reinstall the HP driver and operating program

  • Restart the machine and printer.
    When you do not print the printer, attach the USB cable to your device with your printer
  • Also, the HP driver software program advises you to link the 123 hp com dj2130 how to scan
  • Printer To Your Waterproof 1.USB Cables Connection Patch the USB cable to the device.
  • If you have incorrectly attached the USB cable before installation, you must delete the printer from the queue before proceeding with the installation. This will be used if you have a printer and router enabled.

3. Connect your laptop and printer to your router using a regular ethernet cable with Ethernet or wired link to your network.

  • Make sure the router and the ethernet cable work well.
  • The computer should be router, switch, or hub linked to the network.
  • Connect the printer to your network or network hub using the ethernet cable.
  • If the link has been created, you can download the driver program from, follow the instructions for a printer link to be installed.
  • The installer must ask the printer to be installed. To print a list on the mac, press Attach Printer.
  • Pick your printer’s name, click on the Use or Print button, choose the printer name in the pop-up button, and press Connect.
  • Following this, come to the HP installer to finish the process.

Link 123 HP Deskjet 2130 Printer OR Tab Android Tablets Or Laptops To Your Smartphone.

Using the HP Print Service Plugin, you can print from your android device through the Wi-Fi network to your HP printer. To do so, you must connect your Android device to a specific network and run OS 4.0 or later on your computer.

  • Download or upgrade the HP Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store on your Android app.
  • After completion of the installation or upgrade, pick a method to view on the HP Print Service plugin.
  • Tap HP Inc. service or HP INC. mounted and turn on.
  • Your Android app can now print the HP Print Service Plugin process.

Apple Devices: Air Print may be a solution for mobile printing designed for HP Printers in Apple devices. We don’t have to customize, download, or install something.

Windows Devices

  • Make sure your device and printer are working on a network equivalent.
  • If your printer is not listed on devices in the same network, it might be necessary to install the built-in printer driver once.
  • Confirm the right printer and print configuration is picked. Tap ‘Print’ and pick up your papers!

Google Chrome Apps

HP offers a free Chrome download on the Chrome webshop. This allows the HP printers to print wireless network and USB.

  • Your printer must not be listed in Google Cloud Print.
  • You should be linked to an equivalent network to start both your Chrome computer and HP Printers.
  • Any Chrome book or Chrome OS client can print on an HP ePrint printer using HP Print for Chrome Internet Device.

Amazon fireplace

  • The fire system and the printer in the same network should be fired.
  • When your HP Printer has been installed, the HP Print Plugin can be downloaded and printed from the Amazon App Store.
  • Choose your Mobi Systems Bureau Suite App document and change your print settings as required and tap ‘Print.’