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Unpack the printer from the packaging and keep the cords connected to each place. Now, place the cords in the wall sockets so that the machines have no loose connections or power problems. Click the home button on the left corner of the printer when you connect the cords.

How do I configure the printer?

  • If you first turn on the printer, it will create some noise.
  • Use the arrows next to the printer control panel when you see the home screen to select the language, country, and region. Click the OK button now.
  • Now you insert the ink cartridges in the printer tube.
  • Use the cutouts on the sides of your printer to lift the tin cartridge cover.
  • Look at the marking on the cartridge’s back cover and first mount the tri-colour cartridge.
  • Remove the protective tape on the electrical contacts and ink jacks. Move the ink cartouches slowly into your respective slots and move them until locks are put in their place. (NOTE: The colour of the locking levers will match the colour shown on cartouches).
  • Install the black cartridge using the same procedure.
  • When the original HP cartridges are full, a message box appears on the Control Panel. Click OK Load the input tray stack of paper. The printer now prints a sheet in alignment.
  • After printing the alignment tab, the speed print side is scanned by putting it on the scanner panel.
  • When the alignment page is scanned, a message box that reads ‘Executive Alignment’ is shown on the control panel of the printer. To start, click Ok button.
  • Users are now entitled to wirelessly or via Ethernet or USB link the printer to a network. app

Upon completion of the basic installation, install the printer program by visiting or inserting the printer CD. To complete the installation process, follow the instructions on the computer. The driver program is available for download from the app or

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