123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer & HP officejet 6100 eprinter wireless setup

123.hp.com/setup 6100 is a compact Wireless printer that comes with an large Input Tray for handling voluminous print tasks. You can load up to 250 sheets in the Input Tray and about 75 sheets on the Output Tray. Your printer is good at borderless and duplex printing using a Print Head assembly, built on Thermal InkJet Technology. The 123.hp.com/oj6100 Printer is easily operated through membrane Press button and LED indicators for fast applications.

The 123.hp.com/setup 6100 wireless ePrinter Specifications & Setup

  1. Ink Cartridge Light: A glowing light indicates that all 4 Ink Cartridges are properly installed. You have four Ink Cartridge lights present at the centre of your printer. If one of the Light is blinking or Off status then that particular Ink Cartridge needs to be replaced
  2. Resume button: Press on this button to continue with the current print task
  3. Resume Light: A glowing light infers to no paper, paper jam etc., A blinking light infers to an print task that is put on hold. Simply press the Resume button to continue print
  4. Cancel button: Press on this button to halt the ongoing print operation
  5. Wireless button and Light: Press this button to enable Wireless Connectivity. Some of the Connectivity status are
  • A Solid Blue Light infers to the availability of the Wireless Connection
  • A Slow blinking Light proves that the wireless is enabled but misconfigured to network
  • A Fast blink Light indicates an error in the Wireless Connection
  1. HP ePrint button and Light: Press this button to enable the HP ePrint service. Some of the ePrint status are
  • A steady glowing light indicates the remote availability of the ePrint service
  • A Slow blinking Light proves that the ePrint is enabled but misconfigured to network
  1. Power button and Light: Press this button to switch On/Off power. A slow blinking light infers to Sleep Mode operation. A fast blinking light indicates an paper jam or no paper in the Input Tray.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 – First-time printer setup guide

Procedures to setup the 123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer Installation

123.hp.com/setup 6100

  • Initially try to unpack the 123.hp.com/oj6100 printer from the shipment and then set it up on a desk
  • Remove the tapes and external packing that is found on your printer
  • Pull down the Cartridge access door from its center to open it. Get rid of the tapes and internal packing present within your printer
  • Peel of the tapes from Input Tray to open it. Move the set of paper width adjustors away and rest it near tray edges
  • Load A4 sheets on to the tray and then move the pair of paper width adjustors towards the paper sheets to keep them intact
  • Establish a power line connection to your printer and turn ON power. Now, connect one end of the USB cable to printer and the other terminal to computer
  • Pull down the Cartridge access door from its centre to open. Install the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge slot and close Cartridge door
  • Open CD Drive and place HP OfficeJet 6100 Installation disk. Run the Auto Setup and install printer software
  • Extend the Output Tray for your convenience. Using printer software try to send a Test Print command and then exit OfficeJet setup

123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer Sleep Mode

HP OfficeJet 6100 is designed to operate on low power and thus saves on energy. Sleep Mode is found to be operational on your printer if no print operation is engaged for 5 minutes. Ensure to create on frequent interrupts on your printer to prevent it from entering Sleep Mode operation.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer Software Setup & Driver Download

How to Install and open the 123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer Software in Windows

  • Load the 123.hp.com/setup 6100 on to the CD drive and try running the Auto Setup program. Now follow up with the automatic installer to specify a printer name for your OfficeJet 6100 Setup. Click Next button and then progress further to finish the printer software installation. Follow the given below instructions to open the HP OfficeJet 6100 program on various Windows OS:
    • Windows 8.1 OS: Click the rightmost corner button that is available next to task bar to view desktop window. Double click the HP OfficeJet 6100 program to open it
    • Windows 8: Locate an empty space on the start screen and then right click to select Apps window. Click All Apps to view the list of applications installed. Click HP OfficeJet 6100 to open it
    • Windows 7: Click the Start Menu and then choose All Programs to view the list of available software. Move the cursor and then double click HP OfficeJet 6100

HP OfficeJet 6100 Printer Setup and Installation for Macintosh OS X

Load the 123.hp.com/setup 6100 Installation Disk to your CD drive and then open the CD folder. Double click to run the Auto Setup program and then follow on the screen instructions. Try to designate a printer name for the HP OfficeJet 6100 over the installer program. Click Next and progress further to finish the 123.hp.com/oj6100 printer software installation.

Double click to open the HP OfficeJet 6100 software and then click File menu and select print option. Choose either Use or Print Using option on the print dialog. For Print Using option try to select the HP OfficeJet 6100. While for the earlier Use option try to specify a desired setup name and then proceed to select print properties. Follow the given below instructions to access print settings on various Macintosh print dialog:

  • Apple Lion OS and Mountain Lion OS: Click the expansion link Show Details to list down all print properties that can be accessed through disclosure triangles
  • For other Macintosh OS: The Print Dialog is made using a Popup Menu that can be clicked to select several of the print properties. Change the Orientation, Scaling Percentage and Page Size settings easily

Turn of the 123.hp.com/oj6100 Printer

Press on the power button to switch OFF your printer. Before detaching the power cable try to make sure that there is no power light glowing. If there is any malfunctioning of the power button then this directly affects your print head to halt randomly from its normal resting position. To worsen this situation further your printer prints at low quality with Ink Cartridge problem adding to it.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 e-All-in-One Printer Driver Installation

HP OJ 6100 is compatible to connect over the Web and access preset Tickets, Coupons and Forms to print instantly. Use the OJ Embedded Web Server to update Web Services and then use ePrint Services. Remember to maintain an active Wireless Network connection for your printer. Press HP ePrint to easily enable the service and then begin to form the Cloud Print Network using HP AiO Remote Apps.

Procedure to Setup Web Services using HP 6100 Software in Windows OS

Double click to open the HP OfficeJet 6100 software. Double click Web Connected Solutions option and then locate Setup options. Double click ePrint Setup to open your Embedded Web Server. Click Web Services heading tab and then click Setup button. Now follow on the screen instruction to click Accept for the Terms of Usage & Enable Web Services. Click Next button and then proceed further to click Yes button to check for any Update available. You can use the Next button to finish the Web Services setup

Procedures to Setup Web Services using HP Utility software in Mac OS

Double Click Netscape Web browser and then begin to type the printer IP address to search. Hit Enter button to open the OfficeJet EWS homepage. Click Web Services Frame tab and then move the cursor to Web Services settings zone. Click Setup button and then follow the on screen instructions. Click Accept button to agree on the Terms of Use & Enable Web Services. Click Next and then progress further to select the Yes option to Update the Web Services. Use Next button to complete the Setup.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 Wireless ePrinter Setup and Install

Your printer is present with Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature for instantly establishing an Wireless connection. OfficeJet WPS feature may be enabled either using a Push button or Pin method. Ensure that you have switched on the wireless router network.

WPS Push button method:

Initially press the WPS button on your wireless router and then go ahead to press the wireless button on the control panel for 3 seconds to make the Wireless light toggle. Wait for the Auto configuration process to get complete and for the wireless light to stop blinking. Examine for a solid blue wireless light on the control panel to confirm on the availability of the WPS Setup.

WPS Pin method:

First print the Information page to get the WPS Pin details. Press the Wireless button for 3 seconds until the Wireless light starts blinking. Open the wireless router software and then manually enter the WPS pin to configure your printer. Click OK to confirm settings. Now your WPS configuration will initiate and this may require about 2 minutes to get completed. Check if the wireless light stops blinking to confirm on the WPS availability.


Procedure to Setup the HP OfficeJet 6100 Printer Wireless Network

Open the Internet Explorer and then type the Printer IP Address to hit Enter button. Your OfficeJet EWS homepage is now opened. Click the Wireless Setup Wizard button on the Setup frame to initiate the automatic installer program. Follow on the screen instruction and then promptly enter the wireless network name and Wired Equivalent Privacy passkey for Authentication. Click Next and then close the EWS homepage to complete the Wireless Setup.

Steps to Enable/Disable the 123.hp.com/setup 6100 Printer Wireless Setup

Simply press the wireless button present on the control panel to disable the printer wireless feature. Check for the wireless light to stop glowing and thus put to OFF status. Also you can may use the HP Printer software and then try to Change the connection type to USB or Ethernet cable.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 InkJet Cartridge Installation

Your 123.hp.com/setup 6100 is now dynamic security enabled for achieving a high yield. Your Ink Cartridges are built with a memory chip for storing the print operations like last date when cartridge was used, Number of pages printed, Page coverage, Printing modes used and any print errors etc., Now you can go ahead with color printing without ink smears using CMYK HP Ink Cartridges.

Information on Ink cartridges and the print head assembly

Your Print Head assembly is designed using Thermal InkJet Technology for borderless and duplex printing. Now you get both the option to print in color and monochrome fast prints using HP OfficeJet 6100. Ensure that you install original HP Ink Cartridges to get a high yield. Also, try to properly shut down the printer to avoid Ink wastage.

Replace the Print Cartridges

Switch Off the printer power and then wait for print carriage bar to remain silent. Now, Pull down the Cartridge door from its centre to open it. Push from the front of the Ink Cartridge to detach it from the slot and then draw it out. Keep ready the New HP Ink Cartridge removed from its protective cover with plastic flaps cleared for replacement. Now Push the New Ink Cartridge within the cartridge slot until it gets locked. Push up the Cartridge door from its centre to close it. Switch On the printer power.

123.hp.com/setup 6100 Wireless Printer Technical Support & Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot a Printer Wireless connection

HP Print and Scan Utility software can be used to troubleshoot some of the basic problems involved in the HP OfficeJet 6100 Wireless Setup. First of all check the control panel for a wireless light steadily glowing. Open the HP OfficeJet Embedded Web Server in a web browser and then make use of Wireless Setup Wizard to Re-establish the Auto Wireless Connection. Other than that, if your wireless connection is found to be unreliable then try to alter the WEP Passkey to WPA Passphrase. You may also try moving the HP OfficeJet 6100 closer towards your wireless router for better receptivity.

Troubleshoot a Printer WPS Setup

When using the WPS Push button setup try to place your printer near the wireless router for an instant synchronization process. If WPS PIN method is utilized then make sure that you have printer the Information page to know on the OfficeJet WPS PIN. Use this PIN to manually configure the wireless router through software. Check for a wireless light that glows steadily.

Troubleshoot Ink Cartridge Issue

Press the Cancel button to stop the current print task. Open the Cartridge access door and then press the front part of Ink Cartridge until it gets disengaged from the slot. Locate the electrical imprinted contact on your Cartridge to clean it using swab. Now access the cartridge slot to clean the other electrical contact using swab. Re-install Ink Cartridge within cartridge slot and then push up the Cartridge door to close. For any further problems try rebooting the 123.hp.com/oj6100 printer.

Troubleshoot ink smears on Printout

Place an single A4 sheet on the Input Tray and then close it. Press the Cancel button twice and Resume button Once to initiate the Clean Ink Smear operation. If the Clean Ink Smear process gets prolonged then you might have to load another A4 sheet on to the Input Tray. Press the Power button to terminate the Cleaning program entirely.